Game news

PUBG will add cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One

It's coming earlier than expected.


PUBG Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath - everything you need to know

"Red-Zoned" UAZ skin is the first of its kind...

Editorial picks

Top 5 battle royale games you should try

Our list provides you with some fresh suggestions on what to play next.


PUBG Season 4 trailer reveals the game's lore

We're likely to get some more in the future.

Game news

PUBG is getting a new pinging system

The new feature is called Radio Message and will enable team members to communicate with ease.

Game news

PUBG Mobile is replaced by Game for Peace in China

Apparently, releasing a game in China is one hell of a job.

Free to play

Apex Legends is being developed for mobile

The news was announced by the game's publisher Electronic Arts during an EA conference call.


PUBG Corporation nearly reached 1 billion in 2018

The biggest revenue stream came from Asian markets.


PUBG is celebrating its 2-year anniversary with a free item

Two years have passed since PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was released worldwide.

Game news

PUBG and TERA crossover is coming in March

The two games share a deep history together.

Game news

Apex Legends boasts on 25 million players and revitalizes Titanfall

Apex Legends became an instant hit, topping Twitch directory viewership counts and gathering players at staggering rates.


What common qualities do the best games in the world have?

Fair warning! Ranking games from worst to best is very much a subjective matter.


PUBG announce their esports plans for 2019

While PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds stormed into the esports scene, there was a noticeable lack of an official championship organized by game developers.


Battle Royale craze will die soon

Even today we can see that most of new Battle Royale games are struggling to find their audience.