For whom the bells jingle? For the Eneba Winter Sale, of course! Don’t wait for Santa to bring you presents, do it yourself! Stuff your shopping socks with video games and don’t let your gaming setup run cold! The Sale event begins on the 13th of December and lasts up until New Year!

Our Winter Discount Land is now officially open, so you can start stocking on the best deals early. And in case you’re one of the last-minute Christmas adventurers, we’re here to support your speed run! Whether you’re buying now or later, here’s an informative Week 1 to 3 Sales cycle for you to schedule things right.

Special Event Offers


This year, we’re having the most Wintery Sale Ever! We’ve built an epic list to meet your every need with more than 30+ of the most popular games with a heavily reduced price tag! And of course, gathered the coldest and coolest prepaid offers for you to enjoy!

  • 30+ most popular video games
  • The very best offers on prepaids
  • Wintertastic discounts of up to 90%

Visit our sales page and start melting our stock!


They say lightning does not strike in winter, oh, but it does at Eneba! Just don’t blink, or you might miss the Flash sales – just joking, they will continue all throughout the event! If you follow us on social media, you already know the drill, if not… Well, for two to six hours every day, with a 30-minute rotation window, a blizzard of games awaits!

  • Week 1 daily Flash sale for 2 continuous hours
  • Week 2 daily Flash sale for 6 continuous hours
  • Week 3 daily Flash sale for 2 continuous hours
  • Offers rotating every 30 min
  • Wintertastic discounts of up to 15% extra

Visit our flash deals and storm the offers!


Just before Christmas, we’ve managed to make a deal with Santa’s reindeer! Our physical marketplace in Spain, France & Lithuania will offer FREE DELIVERY on physical games, PCs, consoles, mobiles, or any other gaming gear piece you’d want!

  • Free delivery for physical purchases
  • Only in Spain, France & Lithuania
  • Active on 16-19th & 26-29th of December
  • No purchase limit

Enjoy the frozen shipping fees and renew your gaming setup!

Let’s together spread the joy of gaming among our friends and loved ones! Happy holidays from all of us here at Eneba & Merry Winter shopping adventure to you all!

P.S. Don’t forget to follow our newsletters and check your inbox daily, who knows… During this 3-week period, you might find one (or three) special greeting codes to expand your shopping even further!