Resident Evil 2 Remake was released on the 25th of January 2019 and has already been beaten by many hardcore gamers around the world. This means that there are plenty of tips and tricks already out there that help you breeze through the game!

However, if you’re looking for a Resident Evil 2 guide on solving the various puzzles found in a game or how to make it through the storyline, you’re not going to find it here. If that’s what you were looking for when you came here – do not be disappointed, you will find plenty of neat tips on how to defeat the game. Even more importantly – you will do it all by yourself! After all, we are all about enjoying the games ourselves and would not like to spoil the fun for anyone else!

Avoid the zombies!

Let’s start off the Resident Evil 2 guide with a tip that will save you from taking more damage than you’d like! No matter how much fun it is to shoot the zombies up, it takes time and even more importantly, it may be a huge waste of ammo. Therefore, it is sometimes better to avoid contact and slither past single enemies in the game. If you already played the game, you likely have figured that much out by now. However, what is the best way to avoid them?

Many players try to simply run past, which is not the worst technique and is often successful. However, sometimes you will still get caught by the Zombies if you take up this approach. In this Resident Evil 2 guide, we offer a better way to do that, though it will take some practice!

Try to lure a zombie to charge straight at you and then sprint backwards as soon as the charge has started. This will allow you to dodge the charge and leave the zombie confused, allowing you to simply run around them safely! Be aware that this only works when there is only one zombie that you’re trying to run around. The trick here is in the timing so if you fail, just try again, eventually, this will save you a lot of time and effort!

Are they dead?

This Resident Evil 2 guide tip will save you plenty of health items! The zombies often look to be dead, only to stand back up and assault you from behind moments later. Sure, you can fire a few bullets to the head of an unconscious zombie but that takes precious ammo. There is no reason why you should be wasting it, especially since there is a better way of telling if the zombies are dead!

There is no way of knowing for sure just by looking at the nasty living-dead, as there are no distinct indications of them being dead. That’s where this Resident Evil 2 guide and your knife become your best friends! Simply take a swipe at a zombie with a knife. If it’s dead, it won’t trigger any action. If the zombie is still alive, however, it will instantly start moving again! Using your knife this way will save you from the unexpected and frightening attacks from zombies that you thought you already killed!

It’s behind me, isn’t it?

Just how often have you found yourself thinking that there is a zombie behind you but not having the time to react properly? If the answer is too many, don’t worry! This Resident Evil 2 guide is here to help you! There is a control that allows you to turn around in a blink of an eye, and it’s very simple!

-For PlayStation 4 – press back and circle to make a 180-degree turn

-Xbox One players can do the same by pressing back and B

-It’s even more simple for PC gamers – simply press Q!

If that is still not enough mobility for you, there is one more thing you can do! Unfortunately, it is limited to players who use controllers to play. Simply set your normal gameplay camera speed to the max and enjoy much quicker turning speeds!

This Resident Evil 2 guide tip will save you some precious moments in intense situations. Just make sure you don’t mistake the Normal Gameplay Camera Speed to the Camera Speed When Aiming, as changing that may derail your gaming experience!

See them coming!

This is yet another tip to change up the game options for your best interest. If you haven’t browsed through the options menu, it is highly recommended you do so and optimize the game for the most pleasurable experience. This is not the next tip in the Resident Evil 2 guide, however.

What we suggest you do is change the field of view option in the camera settings to the max. This allows you to see the incoming zombies better and provides a much superior point of view for the player.

Know your herbs

A common rookie mistake in this game is using your herbs on their own for a slight heal or boost. Do not do that! Herbs are way more useful when combined with other herbs!

We’re not here to tell you what works best, that’s on you to work out, however, it is an essential point in this Resident Evil 2 guide. Different herb combinations will have varying effects, so go out there, collect the herbs and experiment. You will surely thank yourself for listening to this tip, since healing as effectively as possible is essential when you get further into the game or play on higher difficulty!

Enjoy the game

As mentioned above, there is no massive spoilers or information that would lead you through the game. Instead, using the tips and tricks above will result in you being a better player and allow you to survive by having superior mechanics, not by watching walkthroughs! Hopefully, this Resident Evil 2 guide featured a tip or two that will turn out to be useful and allow you to enjoy the game to its fullest!