HUGE MAJOR WARNING just before you read! This article is a whole big and revealing spoiler to those who by any chance haven’t yet discovered the action-adventure FPS miracle that is Far Cry 5. The article contains all-you-need-to-know about Far Cry 5 story, that is; the narrative, the characters, the twists, and all three alternate endings that the Ubisoft’s developed piece carries. Embrace yourselves if you dare to read further below, the heat’s about to rise, and hot isn’t necessarily the right word to describe what crisps ahead.

The Narrative

Welcome to the fictional Hope County, Montana, USA. The land of the shining mountains is now a part of Far Cry 5 story, and you’ll experience its western prairie terrain as well as its badlands first-hand. The game presents a remote community located in Hope County which has been taken over by this charismatic, yet quite loco, cult leader known as Joseph Seed. The guy has a bounty on his head, and United States Marshals along with the county sheriff’s department initiates an operation to capture the culprit, however, it soon becomes clear that Joseph is no ordinary man, and his followers are prepared to do some crazy shenanigans to protect him.

Far Cry 5 story portrays such antagonist figure which the gaming industry was in fact missing. Apparently, the guy is regarded as a prophet, and his doomsday preaching is very well received. His followers are wiping out the non-believers left and right, and the unnamed Junior Deputy (player character) cannot allow the menace to ensue any further. Seed, with the help of his followers and siblings, manages to cut off the county from the rest of the world, so no help is coming. The young deputy must find some allies within the fixed environment, and thankfully, he manages to find some resistance.

Further along the Far Cry 5 Story, the player character meets Jacob, Joseph’s older brother. The guy is deep into the conscious conditioning, he’s also the one responsible for new members recruitment, training, and brain-washing business. The trick that Jacob has up his sleeve is mental control: the recruits are mentally conditioned to respond to whatever command is being ordered, and the thing that triggers such obedience is The Platters’ song ‘’Only You (And You Alone)’’, honestly, this song will never seem the same to anyone who has played through Far Cry 5 story. Unfortunately, the junior Deputy falls under Jacob’s spell as well, and whilst in the ‘puppet mode’, guns-down the leader of the resistance movement, thus intensely crippling the entire movement.

One more member of Joseph’s Familia that you are certain to love is his sister Faith. She too comes with some definite special talents. The woman is responsible for the production of a substance called Bliss. By using this Bliss, she can bring about hallucinations and initiate hypnotic manipulation upon the unfortunate ones around her. The nice thing about her is that she kinda digs the Deputy. If only had this Far Cry 5 story had a single happy ending… and you’ve guessed correctly, the junior Deputy takes her out as well. Although before she’s dead, Faith manages to pull off a hypnosis trick upon the Deputy without him even realising it.

Let’s just rewind the body-count a little back, before the Deputy takes out Jacob and Faith, he also ends the life of Joseph’s youngest brother John, there’s a story there as well, however, I feel that leaving just a tiny fraction of the Far Cry 5 story unknown seems just right. So, the Deputy kills off everyone that Joseph holds dear in this world, and the devastated antagonist finally calls the Deputy to settle things once and for all. As appropriate, the final confrontation is at the church. Joseph has the Marshals and Sheriffs as hostages, they all are under the hypnotic bliss, however, he offers a parlay. Whatever the Deputy decides determines the game’s ending.

The Three Ending Scenarios

So far so cruel, and there’s more! Far Cry 5 story presents players with a choice upon which lies the entire outcome of the whole ordeal. Joseph Seed offers a deal of the century, you have literally killed off his whole family and he asks you to leave in order to stop the chaos that has forever altered their present being. Furthermore, if you agree, he’s to release the hostages and you can drive off without any hesitation! Here are the outcomes based on your decision.

Far Cry 5 Story Ending Scenario 1: The Deputy agrees to walk away and leave the fallen prophet be. Joseph preaches about the importance of forgiveness and allows the Deputy as well as his hypnotized comrades to drive out in a truck. If you have learned anything about this game by reading this article, you know that this is not over. One of the Sheriffs turns on the radio and guess who’s playing?! It’s the all favourite The Platters’ with their hit song ‘Only You (And You Alone)’, the screen shuts dark.

Far Cry 5 Story Ending Scenario 2: The Deputy wants to crown his kill-list with Joseph’s head on the very top, and the intense battle ensues. Throughout the game, the radio broadcasts have been indicating that outside of the Hopes County, the things are turning south, and the nuke-war is not just a reminiscent of the past. Once the Deputy manages to strain Joseph, the nuke detonates at a relatively close distance to them, and the men are left with nothing else to do but to ride the truck till they reach the bunker. The truck crashes and only the Deputy and Joseph survive.

Far Cry 5 Story Ending Scenario 3: Did you think it was just a yes, or no question? Actually, yes and no. There’s a third option, which triggers a whole alternative ending but it’s entirely non-related to the final church scene! You can trigger the third ending to Far Cry 5 story at the very beginning of the game. Once you enter the cultists’ church during the opening sequence, the game will compel you to handcuff Joseph. REFUSE! Your partners will shout at you and urge you to do your duty, and if you manage to endure the peer pressure for a few minutes (it’s harder than you’d think!), one of the sheriffs will tell the remaining officers to simply give up, as nothing good will come out of it.

Congratulations! You are ready for the New Dawn.