The apocalyptic Darksiders franchise once again returns with the latest installment in the series coming from developers of the Airship Syndicate. The game is published by THQ Nordic and overall the Darksiders Genesis is a fourth game in the series. The franchise began way back in 2010 with a third-person action game titled simply as Darksiders. Each iteration in the series featured a new protagonist and risk-taking shifts in game design. In this regard, Darksiders Genesis is no exception. The game will add even more variety to the series and to this end we present everything you need to know about the latest Darksiders Genesis release.

Do I need to play earlier Darksiders games to enjoy Genesis?

As it can be inferred from the title of the game, the most recent installment in Darksiders franchise serves as a prequel to the rest of the series. The story of the game explores the very origins of the events witnessed throughout Darksiders games and for this reason, Darksiders Genesis can be considered a newcomer-friendly game. The player can easily start with this iteration without ever playing the previous installments. Nevertheless, with the Darksiders Genesis release, veterans of the series can expect to learn new things about the story and meet the characters of previous games.

How is Darksiders Genesis different from other games in the series?

Just as the previous games presented new gameplay mechanics and structure compared to the titles that came beforehand so does Darksiders Genesis feature major changes to the gameplay. The first most notable difference from other games is that action is experienced from an isometric perspective. Visually Genesis strikes a lot of similarities to classic hack n’ slash Diablo titles. Despite that, with Darksiders Genesis release the franchise strongly deviates from typical dungeon RPGs by sacrificing such gameplay elements like a traditional skill tree, level ups or gear.

Who is the new main character?

Every Darksiders game presented a new protagonist, each of them is based on one of the four biblical horsemen of the Apocalypse which are described in the Book of Revelation of the New Testament. The entire lore behind Darksiders is loosely based on Judeo-Christian mythology, with various creative liberties introduced in order to serve the game. Darksiders (2010) featured apocalyptic horseman named War, Darksiders 2 followed the story of Death, Darksiders 3 introduced a female protagonist named Fury and the latest Darksiders Genesis release features the character Strife.

Even though we saw Strife making his appearance in previous Darksiders installments this is the first time we’ll get to control him. The story based on apocalyptic prophesies described in the Bible presents Strife as one of the Nephilim – a race of powerful humanoids produced by the unholy union of angelic and demonic powers. Charred Council – an authority tasked with maintaining balance in the universe – destroys all Nephilim, leaving only the mentioned siblings known as the four horsemen, as its powerful servants.

Darksiders Genesis release will give us a story about Strife’s quest against an elusive demon king named Lucifer as the main character receives orders from the Council to destroy this agent of evil. In his mission, the reluctant and rebellious Strife is joined on his quest by his brother War a. k. a. the protagonist of the first game.

Does Darksiders Genesis feature coop?

One of the most notable attributes of the new Darksiders game is its strong focus on the cooperative mode. Even though the game presents lots of new features and design choices made by the developers Darksiders Genesis release still maintains the three main pillars of every previous title in the franchise. These basic elements are combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving.

Even if you’re going to play alone, you’ll still find yourself constantly shifting between the two playable characters – Strife and War – as they combat the forces of Hell or cooperate to solve environmental puzzles encountered in the demon-infested dungeons.

How do Strife and War differ gameplay-wise?

There are major differences between the two playable characters that’ll come with Darksiders Genesis release. Those who had the chance to play the original Darksiders game from 2010 will discover that War plays pretty much the same as he did in the original. He’s a powerful melee tank with high HP but compared to Strife he has a limited attack range.

Strife, on the other hand, compensates the War’s strengths and weaknesses with his own unique set of attributes. The new character has significantly lower HP than his brother and in turn, he prefers ranged combat. For this purpose, Strife wields two guns. Additionally, Strife uses deception in battles, as he can create illusory clones of himself.

How does character progression work in Darksiders Genesis?

Latest Darksiders Genesis release replaces the traditional skill tree with the Creature core system. As you fight different demonic monsters, you’ll notice that they drop cores as they get destroyed. These cores can be sorted into three categories: Attack, Wrath and Health. Creature cores can unlock any skill but, as an example, if you manage to use a Wrath core to unlock a skill that requires power from the Wrath meter, you’ll get various bonuses.

What’s the difference between a Wrath meter and a Chaos meter?

Each of the two characters presented with the initial Darksiders Genesis release will be able to fill up a Wrath or Chaos meters during combat. For example, the Wrath gauge allows the player to activate special abilities unique to the controlled character. At the same time, Chaos meter presents an even more impressive ability – transformation. Judging from what the early showcases of gameplay display War can turn into a mecha-like creature that allows the player to temporarily enjoy an OP state akin to god mode. This Chaos form is intentionally unbalanced but in turn, it provides maximum fun. We can expect Strife to have a similar ability. 

How does the co-op change combat in the new Darksiders Genesis release?

The two literal brothers in arms are a lot stronger when they fight together and not only because they introduce different fighting skills to the table. Darksiders Genesis combat system includes an element called Synergy. When War and Strife continue to fight enemies while being in close proximity to each other, a special Synergy meter builds up. As it reaches as a specific point, a joint ability can be activated unleashing devastating, screen-clearing destruction upon the hordes of enemies.

Darksiders Genesis as a platformer?

Just like the previous installments in the series, the latest Darksiders Genesis release will include platforming sections, puzzles, and rewarding exploration. The player will be able to find different collectables as they roam around the levels. Even though Genesis is a quite linear, narrative-driven gameplay experience, it features wide environments filled with interesting secrets that also add up to the game’s replay value.

When will the game be available?

The wait is over! Darksiders Genesis launches on December 5th, 2019. The latest installment in the Darksiders franchise is going to be one of the games that will conclude the current year of gaming. As a gamer, it’s very fitting to end the year with an apocalyptic title that’s built around the theme of ending. That itself is what defines the Apocalypse after all.

Darksiders Genesis release: prepare for it now!

It’s the end of the world, and yet, it’s also a beginning, as Darksiders Genesis is ultimately a prequel. Finally, the franchise that’s been running throughout the decade presents the last of four playable horsemen, giving a finishing touch to the series’ apocalyptic theme. Darksiders Genesis is far more than a Diablo clone. It’s an ambitious action game that keeps the essentials of its predecessors while continuing to try new things. The end is nigh! Be sure to prepare for the apocalyptic Darksiders Genesis release cheaper at the Eneba store and face the forces of Hell as a badass horseman!