Sometimes you just have ambivalent feelings about whether to buy a certain game or not. You’ve seen the trailers, seen the reviews, you’ve seen the gameplay footage and you still can’t decide whether the title is for you. This is especially true if game reviews are controversial and contradictory. Luckily, Steam demo games free you from the necessity to blindly rely on game critics and serve as an opportunity to base your judgment completely on your own personal experience. Best of all – these game demonstrations are completely free of charge! Here are some of the best demo game examples to keep an eye for.

Resident Evil 3 Remake demo

RE3 Remake demo was released on March 19th, just a few weeks before the launch of the full game. It immediately became the hottest thing on the entire Steam platform and one of the best Steam demo games available. In the Resident Evil 3 demo players embody the franchise veteran Jill Valentine as she tries to survive in the zombie-infested Raccoon City. This gameplay segment allows you to try out all the basic RE3 Remake mechanics like ammunition crafting or the new dodge move called “quick step”. You are free to experiment with these abilities and different guns by fighting the main antagonist of the game Nemesis, who is introduced by the time the RE3 demo is over.

Doom demo

It’s too bad that the Steam demo games currently don’t include the Doom Eternal demo. However, we at least have the chance to try out the next best thing – the 2016 Doom demo. What’s really great about the Doom series, in general, is that these FPS games waste no time – right from the get-go you are armed with weapons and thrown into action. Doom 2016 Demo coincides with the game’s prolog, putting you in the position of the Demon Slayer who just woke up in the ruined UAC facility on Mars. This is a really great chance to play around with the “glory kill” mechanic if you haven’t done so already.

Code Vein demo

One of the best Steam demo games an anime fan could play is without a doubt the free Code Vein Demo. Gameplay and storyline aside, this demo is worth trying for its detailed character creation menu. You can create a completely original anime-style OC – male and female – and fight monsters on the post-apocalyptic Earth. The game presents a combat system that is very much akin to the Dark Souls games developed by FromSoftware. Code Vein demo offers the opportunity to try out a generous arsenal of weapons and vampire powers. On top of it all, the game features truly gorgeous graphics!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 demo

Next one our list of the Steam demo games is none other than the Euro Truck Simulator 2 demo. To a person who has never played this title before it might seem surprising how a game with such a simple premise can become so popular. These presuppositions, however, will be quickly cleared once the download of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 demo is complete. Just like in the full game, you get the taste of the truck driving experience. You’ll set out on cargo delivery missions, abide by the laws of the road, micromanage gas and tiredness. Everything is presented in a realistic and engaging way, making Euro Truck Simulator 2 one of the best Steam demo games out there.

Football Manager 2020 demo

Sports video game fans also have great options to choose from. In regards to the gaming demos featured on the Steam platform, Football Manager 2020 stands as one of the best examples. To simply put it this is a football management simulation, just as the name of the game implies. While many football games like FIFA 20 also include a separate club management mode, it’s an entirely different experience to play a game dedicated to just that. Football Manager 2020 demo presented by SEGA and Sports Interactive remains one of the most addictive Steam demo games, featuring a rewarding progression system, allowing you to establish your own football club in one of the selected football-loving countries, nurture talented players and grow in accordance to your vision.

The Crew 2 demo

For the racing game enthusiasts, Steam offers an amazing opportunity to try out The Crew 2 demo from developer Ivory Tower and publisher Ubisoft. This original racing game is exceptional for its beautiful graphics and a staggering variety of vehicle types. You are not just limited to cars as The Crew 2 also allows you to fly airplanes or blast through the tracks in speedboats which bring racing to the domain of water. Among the Steam demo games, The Crew 2 also stands out for its unique Fast Fav system which allows to shift between different vehicle types mid-transit.

Trials of Mana demo

The full version of this game is not out yet meaning that the Trials of Mana demo is an exceptional opportunity to have a first-hand experience of the modernized 1995 JRPG classic. You start out by choosing from six unique characters, one of which will serve as the game’s protagonist while an additional two characters you pick will become your companions in the unfolding story. What makes Trials of Mana special among the Steam demo games is its surprising length. For a demo, it features a quite generous amount of content, allowing you to develop your character up to level 7 and then import your progress to the full game once it finally launches.

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