While this claim seems outrageous, it might very well be true. Over the weekend, Xbox Game Pass Twitter account posted a cryptic tweet that apparently teases one of two possible things. Either it’s a new Xbox game based on the popular The Mandalorian series or Xbox Game Pass might soon grant its members access to watch Disney Plus. And we think that the latter is true.

Here’s the tweet:

If this tweet indicates an upcoming game, the account it’s posted from is a weird choice. That is why all of the internets guesstimates that Xbox might soon announce that their Xbox Game Pass will also give players access to Disney Plus which would certainly explain this tweet.

Of course, there’s a third option – Xbox Game Pass Twitter admin is a huge fan of The Mandalorian and just wanted to bamboozle all of the internets just for gags… Last week EA announced that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is coming to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass, however, this doesn’t seem appropriate.

Disney Plus for Xbox Game Pass subscribers sounds like a very nice (and very smart) deal and certainly adds value for all those Xbox players trying to save some more on their subscriptions. Currently, Disney Plus costs around 7 dollars per month while Xbox Game Pass is being offered for 10 dollars and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 15 bucks (on Eneba these are a bit cheaper, of course). Sounds like another great value proposition… We’ll see if it’s true soon enough.