We have some good news for all the Worms franchise fans! Team17 announced a brand new Worms game called Worms Rumble which will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on December 1st.

Here’s a trailer:

According to the announcement, Worms Rumble will be a new type of Worms game. Team17 ditches the familiar turn-based gameplay and instead will be creating real-time Worms battle royale. The trailer shows off a 32-player battle with familiar Worms weapons such as a bazooka, shotgun, and many more other quirky items.

The developers are saying that Worms Rumble will have plenty of different game modes. In addition to a classic ‘last worm standing’, there will be a selection of different Deathmatch modes that can be played solo or with a team. 

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that Worms Rumble will feature a crossplay option between PC and console players, which is always a nice addition.

Before the official game release, Team17 will host an open beta test. Worms Rumble beta will be free and is scheduled to begin on November 6th for PlayStation 4 and PC. Just like the full game, console and PC players will be able to squad up without any issue.

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