One of our favorite zombie games last year was World War Z, a co-op zombie shooter that was released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you’ve missed the title, be sure to check out our other blog posts about the game here. After its initial success, the developers from Saber Interactive didn’t fall asleep and worked hard to give players a chance to enjoy some additional content. One of those content bits is the new Horde Mode Z which – unsurprisingly – pits players against hordes of zombies.

As you might’ve guessed, the new Horde Mode Z brings a familiar formula that allows players to battle waves of zombies. As time goes on, these waves become progressively challenging and allow players to earn increasingly bigger rewards for staying alive longer. However, while survival will be the main objective, the mode accommodates some additional secondary objectives that will grant some additional loot.

During your play in Horde Mode Z, you will earn resources that can be spent on randomized weapons, weapon upgrades equipment, medkits and more stuff that will help you to stay alive for longer periods of time.

Besides the new mode, the update also brings a new type of enemy, a zombie called The Bomber. It will be a rare enemy type which is described as “the unfortunate result of a military demolitions expert getting chewed on by a zombie”. So yeah… Expect a lot of explosions with this one!

One more thing that should’ve been added to World War Z in this new update is the new PvE cross-play support which will enable players of different platforms to play together. However, this feature was delayed a bit and will debut sometime next year.

Horde Mode Z update for World War Z game is the fifth update for the game and the second one in so-called Season Two of post-launch content planned for the game. Previous updates brought many new cosmetics, maps, and missions.