What a week for World of Warcraft fans! First, we received a new Public Test Realm build that indicated that the Shadowlands launch might be just around the corner. But that wasn’t enough for Blizzard. The most recent NVIDIA driver update reveals that World of Warcraft Shadowlands is getting Ray Tracing support. While this feature is currently in testing, it’s fairly safe to assume that RTX video card users will be able to behold a whole new level of detail in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

The post on NVIDIA’s site states that this new feature will be tested out during World of Warcraft Shadowlands Beta:

“Blizzard’s readying a test of their newest World of Warcraft expansion. Opt-in here, and if you’re accepted be sure to download and install our latest Game Ready Driver to experience the introduction of ray-traced visual effects to the world’s most successful MMORPG.”

Current WoW Shadowlands beta build doesn’t have Ray Tracing available but Blizzard confirmed that it will be switched on soon enough. It will be interesting to see what our beloved MMORPG looks like with Ray Tracing enabled but we assume it will be something similar to this:

In any case, it’s nice to see that Blizzard keeps making World of Warcraft better not only content-wise but also from the technical point of view. Fans with RTX video cards will appreciate it very much.