Yesterday, Blizzard finally unveiled the release date of their highly anticipated MMO re-release World of Warcraft: Classic. The drums of war will thunder once again on August 27th. The game won’t require you to re-purchase it – everyone with an active World of Warcraft subscription will be able to play it.

However, prior to the release of Classic, there will be a few stress tests to see if everything is in order. Invites to join the testing are rolling out today while the first gate will open on May 22nd. If you won’t get in at first, don’t worry. The second stress test is scheduled for June 19th, while the third will begin on July 18th.

If you want to participate in the beta, you’ll need to have an active WoW subscription. While not everyone will get invited, Blizzard confirmed that the invites will roll out based on the data collected over the years – how long have you been playing World of Warcraft, when have you joined the community and so on. Of course, we might expect a small number of people at first but as the release date comes closer, more and more players will get their chance to participate in the beta.

In case you are not familiar with the Classic World of Warcraft, we suggest you take a look at our game preview we posted a few months back. Additionally, you can prepare for the August 27th release reading our special game guides about the class selection and gold making.