The saga of World of Warcraft Classic continues… Blizzard finally reached another phase in WoW Classic’s patch rollout schedule and released a new update called Rise of the Blood God. For the uninitiated, this new patch is adding the very first 20-man World of Warcraft’s raid in history which is called Zul’Gurub.

Here’s a trailer:

However, the new smaller-scale raid is only one of the attractions of this new patch. Beyond Zul’Gurub, Blizzard is opening up new world bosses called Dragons of Nightmare. They are four dragons scattered across the world, each with its own epic loot and raid-boss-like mechanics that can be interrupted by an opposing faction invading your fight.

Lastly, there’s something for those who are not into PvE content. Rise of the Blood God also adds the Stanglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, a cool new event in which players on any level can participate. Just visit Bootay Bay and sign up for the competition.

Rise of the Blood God is the 4th phase out of six planned for World of Warcraft Classic. After most of the players will be done with Zul’Gurub and Green Dragons, Blizzard should kick off Ahn’Qiraj War Effort followed by Ruins & Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. And for the final phase of World of Warcraft Classic, there’s an impending Scourge Invasion and Naxxramas. And later… The Burning Crusade Classic, perhaps?