Valorant is the new upcoming tactical FPS shooter from none other than Riot Games. If you’ve never heard about it be sure to check out our previous blog post where we wrote about it in detail. All caught up? Good. Then you’ll be pleased to know that Riot Games announced its first closed beta test for Valorant which will begin on April 7th.

However, getting a beta invite is anything but simple. In order to get an invite, you’ll need to have a Riot account and link it with your Twitch account. After you did these steps, you’ll need to watch a specific Valorant closed beta streams which will be highlighted on Twitch and hope that odds are in your favor and you’re among the lucky ones to receive access to the beta. Who said it’s gonna be easy to get in with the first wave of players?

The first wave of testers will only consist of 6 major regions United States, Canada, Europe, Turkey, Russia, and CIS. However, Riot Games also stated this:

“The plan is to roll out to more regions, if possible, pending the volatile logistics of launching a beta effectively during a global pandemic.”

Having in mind that the majority of the player base are now currently self-isolating at home, Valorant’s first steps might be insanely huge. Add in the way in which beta keys are distributed and we wouldn’t be surprised to get another Twitch viewership record on our hands in just a week.

According to the post on Valorant’s website, Riot Games is still committed to launching the game this summer. However, the team acknowledges that a lot of unexpected things can happen during the testing phase, so no exact date for the official launch has been given.

Finally, all closed beta participants should know that progress made during testing won’t carry over to launch. Riot Games said, that Valorant’s gameplay state may change until launch, so it would be smart to reset progression for all. However, it’s worth mentioning that if you decide to purchase certain Valorant points during closed beta, after the launch of the game you’ll get a 20% bonus as a thank you form the developer team. In other words, if you’re sure that you’ll be playing Valorant after launch, don’t be afraid to use an in-game shop.