If you’re an avid Eneba blog reader, you might know that we really like Riot Games’ first-person tactical shooter Valorant. And we’re not alone – Valorant has been growing rapidly and Riot Games seems to be gearing up for the next Act which will bring a few changes to the game. If everything goes as planned (you can never know for sure these days), it should start around August 4th.

One of the main changes will be the Competitive Mode revamp that should be released together with Act 2. Riot Games posted a lengthy text breaking down their new system which brings something called Act Ranks. According to the information, Act Ranks will allow developers to track and display players’ ranked progress throughout the game’s lifespan giving them a chance to earn commemorative trophies.

The new system has plenty of new ins and outs, so if you’re interested we suggest you read the full post by Riot Games here. If you’re looking for TL;DR version, essentially the new system will take into account your 9 best-ranked wins of the act, and how many wins you’ve gotten in the act. This means that if you peak at Diamond but drop down to Gold further down the line, your act rank will only remember the good times. Everyone has their bad days and Riot Games’ developers are looking for ways to avoid player tilting and raging in Competitive Mode.

Here’re a couple of pictures showing the new player badges and how these wins will be represented on your player profile.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the new system won’t award players for their performance in Act 1 and will come to the game with a soft MMR reset. At the start of Act 2, you will have to play three placement games which will take your Act 1 performance into account. According to Riot, the new system should place players slightly lower than they managed to get during Act 1 in order to help players get some winnable games right from the get-go.

The new ranked system seems like an interesting idea and might set a new standard for Competitive Modes in other games. We’ll see how this idea works in practice very soon, but the potential to reduce toxicity in ranked is there. For those who still haven’t had a chance to try the game we suggest reading our other posts about the game. And here’s a few Valorant Point bundles to get you started.