Every few months Riot Games marks the beginning of a new Valorant season with a big update. Valorant’s Episode 2 Act II ended and that means some new content coming to the game with the start of Act III, including a new map called Breeze.

As you might expect from the name, Breeze is set on a sunny beach near the sea and is the brightest map of the game so far. However, its sunny color palette is not its key feature. The biggest emphasis of Breeze is on long sight-lines and big open spaces, which means that snipers in here are going to have some fun times.

During their latest dev update, Riot Games said that the team wanted Breeze to bring something different into Valronat and hopes that the new map will highlight different guns and Agents.

In addition to a new map there are other fresh things we’re used to by now. Valorant’s Episode 2 Act III brings a new Battle Pass which features tons of new skins, sprays, gun-buddies and so on. You can check them out in a new Episode 2 Act III Gameplay Trailer.

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