Ubisoft Forward brought a couple of surprises. One of the biggest ones was the new space exploration title called AGOS: A Game of Space. According to Ubisoft, it’s a new VR adventure title that will be based on realistic physics.

Here’s a trailer:

The official description of the game states:

“Discover space in VR like never before. Experience innovative and realistic physics-based gameplay to build and pilot your space probes. Explore unique star systems, scavenge resources, unlock new tools and technologies, and face the perils of space to maintain life onboard your ship during this extraordinary journey to save humankind.”

From what we gather at launch AGOS: A Game of Space will be set in the future, the year 2057. Humanity is forced to leave Earth and look for a new home in space where you’ll spend the majority of your time within a game. It will feature at least 8 unique star systems for players to explore – all with unique planets, resources, and items that can be crafted. According to Ubisoft, AGOS: A Game of Space will be the first-ever realistic space simulation playable in virtual reality.

Sound like a game you wish to try? Mark October 28th on your calendar. AGOS: A Game of Space should launch on Steam, Uplay, and Oculus Store. Currently, there is no news about the game coming to consoles as well, but we’re hopeful.