Yesterday Twitch shared the news on their blog about the changes in Twitch subscription pricing for users in Europe and UK regions. That is, now users from said regions can enjoy the drop in pricing of Twitch subscriptions since they now cost €3.99 instead of €4.99. The reason behind this change of the local pricing is to “better align with their local cost of living”. Good call!

Twitch started first altering local pricing across Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Mexico, Turkey, and Africa. Now, they finally adapted price changes for users in Europe and the United Kingdom. Some regions have seen a price drop of 57% and similar, resulting in some concerns coming from Twitch streamers.

They began fearing that the cheaper prices in subscriptions may result in less income for Twitch streamers and that hitting the $100 threshold needed for cashing out their earnings on the platform may become more difficult. However, Twitch admins have explained that according to statistics, the platform has witnessed an increase of users due to lower subscription fees. In their recent post that’s regularly updated, they claim that “compared to the three months prior to local sub pricing, viewers are gifting five times more subs”. Seems like the change is for the better on both sides!

The platform continues to discuss the issue and shine the light on the reasons behind the price changes: “There are two main reasons driving local price changes. First is that viewers have let us know they want to be able to support creators and help grow their favourite communities, no matter where they live. And second is that creators will benefit from the price reduction in the long-term as subscriptions become more affordable for viewers around the world.” That being said, these claims already start showing in the statistics provided by Twitch, so it seems like the platform is only going to attract an increasing number of users and streamers don’t really need to worry about their revenue.