In this day and age, the entertainment and even education of your child can be obtained not only in the form of plush toys or plastic figurines but also in their digital form as children’s video games! These are colorful, attractive, interactive, educative and, above all, engaging! These games offer actions that develop reaction time and range motion, and these benefits far exceed the digital boundaries. Not to mention that video games can enhance logical thinking processes, all while presenting an entertaining pastime! More often than not, a parent can also join in, to help out or just play together – it’s a flexible fun for everyone. In order to help you pick a new addition to your family’s library, we will delve a bit deeper into the most recently released children’s video games.

1. Overcooked! 2

This is one of the older titles on the list, but as they say – classics never die! Such is the case with Overcooked! 2, a sequel to the first part by the same name. The premise of the game is simple: you have to cook food. Simple, right? Well, simplicity is often beguiling! This fast-paced food making adventure is something you must experience to believe. Every wrong turn will cost you time, and bad ingredients make for icky foods. So, keep an eye out for the next great recipe and find out that children’s video games can be both challenging and fun, no matter what age you are.

The game allows you to pick a chef that interests you the most: it can be a regular person in a chef hat or, if you are feeling adventurous, you might as well play as a panda or an eagle! Everyone has the same chance to win since it all boils down to what approach to food you will take. Children can warm up their skills by learning easy cooking tasks, and gradually, as they get more comfortable, their recipe library will increase, and the gameplay will become more hectic. Among the children’s games, this one certainly requires speed. Think of it like hand-eye coordination on the highest level (adults are free to try it out too, just don’t be surprised if your child bests you)!

2. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

Do you still remember the good ol’ days of platformers, and how many times your classic Mario jumped the wrong way? Well, why not let your child experience a similar thrill with two very fun and quirky new characters. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair follows a pretty straightforward plot: a bad guy plans to cause mayhem (as often happens in children’s video games), and it’s your job to save the royal guard and beat the enemies. Even if the title doesn’t bring a Shakespearean level of creativity, your child will still have a great time with all the jumping, running, and climbing tasks ahead. Also, whenever the player beats new levels, multiple additional ways to beat the already completed stages unlock.

And here’s the most fun part: the game allows you to alter the looks and skills of the main characters, and there’s even an option to twist and turn the levels to either increase difficulty or reach areas that were out of sight. This title has definitely earned its spot in the children’s video games list because the game encourages exploration through a trial-and-error type of gameplay. There are also puzzles that will help to boost up logical thinking processes, and the bright and saturated design will fascinate and facilitate the child’s imagination to infinity and beyond.

3. Super Mario Maker 2

Speaking of Mario, we would be amiss to not mention Super Mario Maker 2. This game has easily made it into the list because let’s face it, it can serve as a worthy investment designed for the whole family. With the freedom to make his/her own levels, your child can test-out creativity as well as strategic thinking. Children’s video games are not always straightforward, and this title is digital proof. Not all combinations might work, and so, one has to learn to adapt and overcome numerous challenges. Or, alternatively, parents can create levels and then let their children try to complete them! It’s an amusing competition involving the whole family.

If your child wants to play solo, let him/her go for it. The online play will ensure seamless connectivity with other creators, try out their levels and maybe collect some inspiration for one’s own crafting. Mario Maker is not from those children’s video games that one finishes and forgets about. It’s more of an endless fun type of title, as there is always something new to discover and get better at. Think of it like a make-believe adventure you can create. Any style is yours to try, every enemy is yours to implement. Not to mention that you can think of and include a whole bunch of logical puzzles all throughout. Imagination is the only limit here, and even that can be expanded.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

The fourth slot in the list of top children’s video games goes to Link’s Awakening. This game is a remake of the older version, but the same core exciting and enticing adventure motif remains ever strong and true! The story follows Link as he tries to figure out the secret that hides deep in the heart of the mysterious island. Along the way, there will be challenges, enemies and even puzzles! The charming style and somewhat funny encounters make this title into a very suitable addition to the game library of your kid. The game itself is full of familiar enemies from the Super Mario games, just in this one, they try to hinder Link.

Despite its colorful children’s video games like appeal, Link’s Awakening has Easter eggs hidden all throughout the game – this along with some good old feeling of nostalgia might interest the parents too. And if you want to let your child have some creative outlet, this game won’t disappoint. With its dungeon building system, the game incentivizes the player to try out a variety of different combinations. With no elaborate combat, any challenge can be beaten with a minimal requirement for the mechanical skill (so the child wouldn’t get crushed by the skill-ceiling). All in all, the newest Link’s adventure is a great purchase if the child wants some adventuring and exciting gameplay!

5. Pokémon Shield/Sword

No children’s video games list would be complete without Pokemon. It’s such a long-lasting series, that there’s a chance several generations within a single household have already grown up with it! The franchise is well known for their ever-expanding roster and new environments, but the basis remains the same: a player has a task to catch Pokémon, train them and beat other gym leaders in order to advance. It’s suitable for children since the combat is not graphic or violent in any way, and there are numerous ways to approach each encounter, should the need arise.

But the most fascinating part to one of the most beloved children’s video games is the fact you can have a fantasy team that will have your back no matter what! The newest Pokémon game comes in two flavors, so to speak. You can grab the Shield or Sword version depending on your Pokémon preferences, as both Sword and Shield present different starting Pokémon choices. Be sure to pick the one your child (or you) might truly want and remember that every new Pokémon you manage to acquire can be traded with other Pokémon players worldwide! This game is a wonderful addition to the whole family’s gaming library, as both Pokémon titles are sure to engage players of all ages.

Bonus: Bee Simulator

This list of children’s video games is coming to an end, but as a bonus, we want to feature one final title, check out the Bee Simulator. As the name suggests, the game is set through the eyes of a bee. The player controls the little insect, collects pollen and flies in the open air. There are numerous educational details in the game, such as the anatomy of a bee, the hive’s structure and even the social interactions amongst the bees; these can certainly widen up your child’s or even your own horizons, all in the form of a brilliantly crafted game. There are also exciting gameplay mechanics in the form of battles with wasps, encounters with spiders, and plenty more.

All in all, children’s video games can provide a great deal of fun to both children and adults. If chosen correctly, these titles can turn into a cooperative activity that will take out the child’s boredom in seconds and instead replace it with a stimulus to seek knowledge, face challenges, and solve riddles in their everyday routine. As for the adults, the intricate gameplay systems in Children’s video games sometimes even exceed those of AAA titles, not to mention the awesomeness of being able to play together. After all, these games are here to entertain players of all ages and interests, so take up the one you find the most fascinating and jump into a new adventure.

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