There’s no denying that battle royale is a huge genre in today’s gaming. Behemoths like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have made sure that we’d get plenty of new genre entries for years to come. While everyone is trying to emulate their success, there are plenty of awesome gems that you’ve probably missed. In this top 5 battle royale games list, we’ll try to show off five awesome titles which deserve your attention.

Disclaimer: For obvious reasons this list won’t feature Fortnite and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. While these games are worthy entries to make into our top 5 list, everyone already knows them. We want our list to provide you with some fresh suggestions on what to play next.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is an obvious third choice for our list. It exploded in popularity after its surprise release in February 2019. This free-to-play game is being developed by Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind titles like Titanfall 1 & 2 or the highly anticipated upcoming single-player game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Its AAA quality shines bright and this alone is enough of a reason to give it a try… But there’s more

Apex Legends made our top 5 battle royale games list due to its unique feel that you won’t be able to find in any other genre title.  The game fuses elements from a variety of other games to give players a fresh mix of engaging gameplay. Apex Legends is based on team play where squads of three battle it out to remain the last one standing. Each Legend of the game features unique abilities that fall into predefined roles such as Offense, Defense, Support and Recon.

The game is free-to-play and offers a huge variety of content that will keep you busy for months. The game is released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Dying Light: Bad Blood

If you don’t like massive battles, you should give Dying Light: Bad Blood a try. We did and it claimed the second spot on our top 5 battle royale games list. It’s a unique PvPvE experience where 12 players battle it out with basic weapons that requires skill and imagination. Here, you won’t just fight other players, here you’ll have to deal with zombies too. In order to win the Dying Light: Bad Blood match you will need to fight against zombies and collect a certain amount of blood samples required to summon the helicopter.

The game is being developed by the original Dying Light creator Techland, so you might expect some parkour along the way. It’s also worth mentioning that currently the game is in Steam Early Access and is available only on PC.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

No top 5 battle royale games list would be complete without this wacky indie experiment that became a full-fledged game over time. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds began its journey as an elaborate April Fool’s joke but the initial download count was massive, so the authors of the joke decided to continue their support for the game.

The developer, Landfall, states that Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is a parody of the battle royale genre where a bunch of physics-based weirdos fights it out on an island. Everything is silly and possibly a bit buggy, and that is what makes this game super fun to play. The game is out on Steam and it’s super cheap, so be sure to check it out.

Z1 Battle Royale

You may know this game by its previous H1Z1 name. The game rebranded the titles after its development was taken over by NantG in early 2019. However, while it switched its developers the core “King of the Kill” gameplay remained the same. Essentially it’s a more basic version of PUBG with fewer weapons, no attachments, and much more action.

Z1 Battle Royale is a bit more arcady than its successor PUBG, which makes it a suitable replacement for gamers who are looking for a faster-paced game. You’ll spawn in a random location with plenty of other players which kicks off the action right off the bat. And that secures Z1 Battle Royale a spot on our top 5 battle royale games list.

Darwin Project

The last but not least is a truly unique title called Darwin Project. In 2018 Scavengers Studio released their new battle royale game which wasn’t anything like PUBG or Fortnite where you’d have to traverse huge distances in order to find enemies or weapons. Darwin Project pits 10 players in a tiny map which is always exciting to watch play out. And the game emphasizes that.

Darwin Project is all about the show. The game features a lot of traps, various area-wide effects and more. The unique twist is that all of this is controlled by a player called the Show Director. He can talk to certain players, ask them questions and so on, which brings a social aspect to the game.

So, that’s all for our top 5 battle royale games list. If you think we’ve missed a particular title you would like to recommend to others, be sure to leave a comment!