Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is hitting our gaming platforms soon. Soon enough for all of us to start getting excited in hopes of adding another great shooting game to our library! Because of Ubisoft releasing a private beta for a few days this month, we now have some new information to digest and new The Division 2 news to look into!

The private beta was running from the 7th to the 11th of February and offered a limited gameplay experience that was just enough to showcase what is in store for the upcoming release on the 15th of March.

The first game in the series garnered enough popularity to create some real hype about the new release, however, The Division was not a perfect game! This means that the players are more wary about what the new game has to offer and follow all The Division 2 news closely just to make sure that they will be getting what they so desperately want in the new game!

All talks aside, what has the few days of beta play taught us about The Division 2?

The Division 2 settlements

Settlements is a new feature in the Division franchise and while information on them may still be a little limited, we already have a rough image of what it’s going to be.

Even though the game does take place in a post-apocalyptic world, it is far from empty when it comes to other people roaming around. Thanks to recent The Division 2 news, we now know that those people will form settlements after you have liberated an area.

What’s in it for you? Fair question. Talking to certain people in the settlement will grant you side missions. This means that the more settlements you uncover, the more in-game content there is for you to play through! On top of that, you will find traders there, which will make your trading experience into less of a chore and more of a commodity!

The Division 2 map

If you have been following up on the latest in the franchise, The Division 2 news that the game will take place in Washington D.C. will most likely be something you’ve already heard of. Regardless of that fact, the first time we actually got to feel out the map was when the private Beta was released. To tell you the truth, Washington D.C. feels like a very nice change from the concrete jungles of New York City!

Sure, the current map is a far way away from a blossoming oasis away from a city. However, Washington D.C. is a lot greener and presents an environment that we haven’t had the chance to experience in the previous game. While that’s not incredibly important as far as The Division 2 news are concerned, it still is a nice change of scenery!


One of the most common complaints about The Division was the fact that both the enemies were complete bullet sponges, whether the play is in PvE or PvP. You could spend an insane amount of ammo just to kill off a single enemy and it can often be pretty frustrating. The big question surrounding the new release was what has been done in order to balance this issue?

Thankfully, it was not left to be as it was, and attempts are being made to fix the sponginess. The big The Division 2 news surrounding this issue was the fact that, on average, enemies will now be easier to kill. Furthermore, instead of having near-infinite health, the more powerful enemies will have an armor that you can knock off! Once that has been done, the enemy is significantly easier to kill!

These changes add a new level of skill to the gameplay as well as some more depth, both of which are always welcome in any new game release. This also allows the players to follow the progression they have towards actually overcoming the enemy. This bit of The Division 2 news is probably the most celebrated upon due to the negative effect that the bullet-sponge-like enemies had on the first game in the series!

The Division 2 endgame faction

Once you have reached level 30 in the new game, you will be greeted by a brand-new faction that goes by the name of Black Tusk. It is far more powerful than anything you will have faced in the game up to that point! On top of that, they will take back strongholds that you’ve previously set free and even take over settlements that have already been formed!

When The Division 2 news about the Black Tusk hit, it had the players genuinely excited as they seem to have everything that is required to become one of the best villain factions in the entire gaming history!

The PvP

One thing that The Division was known for is relatively fast-paced, rather chaotic PvP, which definitely has its own audience. However, Ubisoft seems to have taken a much different approach in their newest release!

While the gameplay may definitely still be changed somewhat between the closing of the private Beta and the actual release of the game, the big The Division 2 news surrounding the PvP element of the game were all regarding the fact that the combat has become significantly slower and more tactical. This is largely impacted by the faster killing times and a tweak in the healing system, which now means that you cannot go Rambo into the field of battle. You will have to use your tactical skills significantly more if you want to succeed in The Division 2.

These are some of the most major tweaks and changes that are expected from the release on the 15th of March. It is very unlikely that any new, major The Division 2 news are going to be revealed before the release of the game since the Beta is already closed. As of now, the game seems very promising, and barring any major mistakes by Ubisoft, should be one of the most enjoyable TPS games in the market!