Hello and welcome! Today we’ve decided to feature a title that has suffered quite a few backlashes since the time it was released, and yet, it has also managed to surprise many players with exceptional story-telling, audio, and quite acute representation of the timeframe during which the in-game events took part. Yes, we’re talking about the Mafia III open-world third-person action-adventure game developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games.

Mafia III game offers you a ticket to a rollercoaster-equivalent of an experience. Why is that the case? At times you’ll be amazed and thrilled to partake in such a well-structured narrative play, and then there will be times when you’ll simply be asking yourself “what the hell is happening, and how to avoid on ever witnessing such an occurrence again.” The game’s strongest points are the numerous methods in which the narrative gets ripped in pieces and then retold, and the way major and even some minor characters are brought into their full 3D existence.

Mafia III title can be discussed in two ways; base Mafia III game, and the Mafia III game including its DLCs. Precisely the DLC content helps to eradicate some of the debilitating features with the base version, and precisely because of the DLC content the game feels and acts as a more polished, fine-tuned, and well-meaning version of itself. We’ve chosen to write up on the latter variant for two reasons. First, we are not really all that into backlashing on the ‘’cherry-picked’’ details, and second, the Mafia III game plus DLCs brings quite different and much more overall appreciated experience.

We’ve made this write up with the sole intention to present all the intricate details that the Mafia III game and its DLCs bring to the gaming scene, and while technically/mechanically the gameplay elements could’ve been polished a bit more prior to the official launch, the captivating narrative, unbelievable character presentation and the overall quality of DLC contents even out the odds, and offers a truly worth-your-while experience. You can buy the Mafia III game plus all DLCs on our Eneba store, and if you want more info on each, we welcome you to continue reading down below!

1. The base game, narrative, characters

2. Faster, Baby! – 1st expansion

3. Stones Unturned – 2nd expansion

4. Sign of the Times – 3rd expansion

The base game, narrative, characters

Mafia III game starts with roughly 5 hours of immersive prologue that is set in the late 60’s US. To be exact, it is the year 1968, and the historical time period in-game is portrayed to the finest detail, including all the racial discrimination, post-Vietnam America’s state, and the care-free black Mob activities. The narrative mixes cutscenes back from 1968 with pieces of documentary footage captured in the present and even includes video of a Congressional hearing.   

The Mafia III game events are set in the New Bordeaux city, which is the fictionalized representation on New Orleans, and all the in-game actions are complemented by immensely gorgeous audio. Whether it’s bands such as The Rolling Stones, Sam Cooke, or Creedence Clearwater Revival playing over the radio, or all that you hear is multi-layered environmental sounds, the audio is fitting the game to perfection. Some radio broadcasts are wildly disturbing, but they are more than fitting to the setting.

The protagonist in Mafia III game is Lincoln Clane, and while the guy is a great many things, he’s as far from your regular hero as it gets. Starting from him being an orphan adopted by the leader of New Bordeaux black mob, to him then returning as Vietnam War veteran (not a mere infantry survivor, he served in an elite unit), and on top of that, he’s a guy that got brutally betrayed by the head of an Italian mafia family, and thus, was a witness to the deaths of those close to him.

Mafia III game presents a narrative which begins as a tale of vendetta, but in the end offers three quite intricate and distinct scenarios – each of the three crowns the narrative in its own way, especially if you take your time to know and understand each and every notable character met throughout the game’s story. And it’s rather hard not to know them, as major characters in-game are made exceptionally well with stunning facial motion systems, and some of the best voice overs throughout the games industry.

Faster, Baby! – 1st expansion

Mafia III Faster, Baby! DLC is the first of the three DLCs that you can either buy separate or enjoy for free if you have bought the Mafia III Season Pass. The main concern with base Mafia III game was its repetitive and linear approach set in an open-world environment. In other words, you had a vast open-world but once you were finished with the breathtaking narrative, there wasn’t really much to do.

Mafia III Faster, Baby! DLC presents a few intricate details for you to expand your range of activities and raise your level of entertainment to yet unexplored heights. First of all, the expansion presents a whole new area to explore, turn west of New Bordeaux and you’ll find Sinclair Parish. In the newly brought setting, you’ll have to deal with an extremely racist sheriff, who has undertaken the control of the city, and, of course, you are to stop him.

The Mafia III Faster, Baby! DLC presents quite an opposite scenario to the base game. The DLC focuses on a rather simple narrative and action-full gameplay. The racist police forces are constantly out to get you, so you must always think of new ways to go under the radar, while still continuing with your main goal. Each of the DLC’s assignments feels very unique, and overall, the DLC offers over 4 hours of intense and thrilling gameplay.

The full Mafia III Faster, Baby! Contents include a new gun, a new car, an exceptionally well-made drug house in which you can grow and customize your own weed strains, then sell it, and purchase upgrades to make an even more awesome drug house(?!) Also, the expansion offers numerous side-quests in the new area, and most importantly, you are presented with two new gameplay updates! You’ll now be able to slow time as well as throw various explosives, both while driving!

Stones Unturned – 2nd expansion

Mafia III Stones Unturned DLC brings quite a lot of narrative hole-fillers that the base-version of the game didn’t cover. And truly, if you loved the Mafia III narrative (which we are sure you did), the Stones Unturned DLC is the purest of gold, narrative-wise. However, that doesn’t mean the DLC lacks in action, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. If you’ve had any experience with Michael Bay movies, well… it too offers quite a bang for your buck.

The Mafia III Stones Unturned DLC presents two guys that you’ll get to know fairly closely. One is your C.I.A. handler, John Donovan, and the other is the expansion’s antagonist, ex C.I.A. operative, Conor Aldridge. Aldridge intends to take control over a nuclear weapon, and of course, you want to avoid that from happening. Bear in mind, Aldridge is also the guy that has brutally betrayed you in the past, so there’s also a fair amount of personal motif as well.

Mafia III Stones Unturned DLC adds numerous new weapons like grenade launcher, a stun gun, a machine gun which is mounted on a truck, and even some cool military trucks. Furthermore, the expansion also unlocks a whole new island set off the coast of America, in which the bigger part of the ‘’stop this madman before he brings about the doomsday’’ is to be concluded. And last but not least, the DLC presents some neat side quests as well as the ability to Bounty Hunt for both cash and pleasure.

Sign of the Times – 3rd expansion

Mafia III Sign of the Times DLC is the third and final expansion to game which offers some final touch-ups to your overall experience. As with the previous updates, The Sign of the Times DLC is included in the Mafia III Season Pass content but can also be bought separately. If the Faster, Baby! Seemed a bit over-the-top racist for you, and the Stones Unturned was closer to a spec. OPS movie, Sign of the Times offers a mixture of the supernatural with elements of detective fiction.

While the two previous DLCs brought quite a few interesting details to tone down the elements of repetitiveness, the Mafia III Sign of the Times DLC brings a shovel and digs all the annoying nuances deep underground. The narrative that the expansion presents is borderline staggering with a rampant cult, known as Ensanglante, running wild, and a DLC-specific character Anna having a personality and backstory written to perfection.

But that’s far from everything good that Mafia III Sign of the Times DLC brings to put the final note on the game’s track. Remember when Faster, Baby! Introduced the feature to slow down the time while driving? Well, with this one you can stop time while shooting as well! No one explained how Lincoln got this superpower, but honestly, feeling like a superhero asks for no explanation. Also, the DLC adds a bunch of new weapons and one very specific game feature.

Mafia III Sign of Times DLC borrows a line or two from the L.A. Noire game and presents missions in which you’ll swipe the environments left and right looking for numerous clues that would explain the portrayed crimes even if by a little. Nothing exceptionally deep, though enough of a change to provide the Mafia III game with a bit of a different phase. Finally, once you’re finished with the main story, you’ll get to own a bar. You’ll be able to hire staff, renovate it, and partake in a whole variety of bar-related side quests!