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The Walking Dead returns this January

The Walking Dead episodic game had a really rough year full of uncertainty. Earlier in the year, Telltale Games had some proper financial difficulties which led to layoffs in the studio. Multiple projects were cancelled and The Walking Dead: The Final Season felt the ripples of the ordeal as well. After releasing two out of five planned episodes for the final season, the studio announced their shut down and the game was cancelled. Two released episodes were gone from online stores and everything was supposedly over.

However, creators of the game didn’t want to give up so easily. Most of the team working on the game found their new home at Skybound Games, which published Overkill’s The Walking Dead recently. The company hired over 40 people who previously worked on Telltale Games, bought the rights, and revived the development process. The only question was how long it will take to revive the game. Turns out – not long at all.

Last week Skybound Games released a new trailer for the third episode of the season titled Broken Toys which revealed that the series will return on January 15. While most of the players expected the game to be delayed for at least a year, Skybound Games decided not to drag this process any longer. However, quick return after the fallout might affect the quality of the story, but we’ll just have to wait and see…