Once again, we’re getting another major game release delayed due to the current situation. This time the decision was made by Naughty Dog about their upcoming post-apocalyptic sequel The Last of Us Part II. The new release date hasn’t been set.

According to the news, the team is nearly done with the game but decided to delay the release in order to make sure that everyone gets to play The Last of Us Part II around the same time. This means that the team is delaying the game until such a time where they “can solve these logistic issues.”

You can read through the full statement of Naughty Dog in a Tweet:

This is not the first The Last of Us Part II release date change. The game originally had to be released on February 21st, then it was pushed back to May 29th. While this sucks for some Naughty Dog and PlayStation fans, it’s nice to know that after all of this virus crap is over we’ll get to play a truly great game. As soon as we’ll hear a word about another release date, we’ll keep you posted.