The whole world lies under your feet, adventurer. Are you ready to explore the wast cities, civilizations lost to time, post-apocalyptic wastelands, worlds full of mystical creatures, the vacuum of space, and galaxies far far away without leaving your home? Book your tickets now, the best open-world games await!

The haunted Tokyo

Visit the city of Tokyo, Japan. Thought this version of the city might be not what you’d normally expect. You won’t be greeted by the warming smiles of the citizens, and no smell of Ramen noodles will tingle your nose. Instead, evil spirits roam the streets and you are a hero, who’s tasked with saving Tokyo. Practice your spells, it’s time to bust some ghosts!

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Racing festival in Mexico

Summer heat, desert dust, golden beach sand, ancient ruins, snowy mountain peaks, and the music of roaring engines – the Forza festival in Mexico begins! What are you driving? There are more than 400 cars to choose from, but choose wisely if you’re planning to cross the finish line first! Ready to party?

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Traverse the Five Realms

Tired of the good old Midgard? Looking to expand your horizons? Book your trip to the other Five Realms. Visit Alfheim, the home of light and dark elves boasting tranquil rivers and lush forests. Take a skiing trip into Jötunheim, the realm of giants, or get your tan in the flames of Muspelheim. Hunt for treasure in the mists of Niflheim, and meet the dead spirits in the depths of Helheim. Even the hardened warriors need a vacation. Only, there might be an occasional dragon or a Valkyrie to kill.

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Time travel. Sort of

As far as we know, humanity still hasn’t invented the time machine, but there are alternatives. Care to know more?

Step into The Animus, the conduit between past and present. Travel to ancient times and relive the lives of your ancestors. Explore ancient Egypt, Greece, the Italian Renaissance, become a pirate in the Caribbean, a Viking invading the British Isles, and much more.

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Run fast!

How good are your parkour skills, buddy? You’re gonna need some if you’re brave enough to visit the last standing city in the midst of the zombie outbreak. The undead roam the streets, and the bandits are eager to take your head off. Pack your best shoes because the only way to survive in this hell hole is the near-perfect parkour system. You may survive, but will you be able to keep your humanity intact? Find out.

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Do a barrel roll!

Pick a destination, any destination. The whole globe is your playground. Hop onto a commercial airliner or a propeller plane and pilot it from any airport in the world to any airport in the world. Only the sky is the limit. Learn to fly a plane with the most realistic flight simulator. And don’t forget to do a barrel roll!

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Visit Mordor

Visit the lands foretold in the pages of J. R. R. Tolkien, shrouded in legends and lore. But beware, the dark shadow looms over Mordor. Sharpen your sword and practice to master the bow, Ranger, the time to wage war against the forces of Sauron has dawned. Just don’t indulge in the local festivities, we do not recommend tasting the grog.

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