Game news

Total War: Three Kingdoms will get a new DLC in September

Players exploring The Furious Wild will be tasked to unite the tribes of a new territory.

Game news

Frostpunk gets a new DLC called On The Edge

16 new areas coming to the game.

Game news

Planet Coaster is coming to consoles

It's gonna be a wild ride!

Game news

Civilization VI is getting a New Frontier Pass

All Civilization VI content in one pack!

Game news

Worms 2020 announced

Wormy battle will continue later in 2020...

Game news

Crusader Kings 3 announced

Crusader Kings 3 will launch in 2020 on PC.

Game news

Civilization VI is coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Mark your calendars for November 22nd.

Game news

A Total War Saga: TROY has been announced

Creative Assembly expects to launch TROY sometime in 2020.

Game news

Phoenix Point has been delayed again

Pheonix Point promises to be a real treat for the fans of strategy.

Game news

Two Point Hospital will be released on consoles

The console version will include two game DLCs.


Starcraft reimagined as a cartoon

Carbot Animations is doing a new graphics pack for Starcraft: Remastered.

Game news

Total War: Three Kingdoms new DLC announced

Reign of Blood will launch on June 27th.

Game news

Buy Steel Division: Normandy 44 key! Cheap and totally worth it

If you’re into war scenarios, simulated environments, and real-time strategy genre, there’s no better time for you to buy the game.

Editorial picks

The best medieval games – strategy, diplomacy, and tactics!

Find your sharpest sword and sturdiest shield, for what lies ahead will force you to use both.

Game news

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS sets a new record for the franchise

Over 160 000 players were in the game at the same time during its launch.