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Sony PlayStation's 25th Anniversary – a ''Series of Celebrations''

Today, 25 years ago, the very first PlayStation device made its debut in Japan...

Game news

Here's the first glimpse at PlayStation 5 controller

DualShock 5 seems very familiar and that's a good thing...

Game news

The Last of Us Part II has a new release date

The game will come out on May 29th.

Game news

PlayStation 5 confirmed for 2020

The next-generation console will be released for 'holidays 2020'.

Game news

PlayStation 4 dropped its Facebook support

Cutting the feature seems a bit 'out of the blue'...

Game news

PlayStation boss Shawn Layden steps down

After nearly 3 decades at the company Shawn Layden is departing from Sony.


Uncharted movie lost another director

The production of the picture is set to begin in early 2020.

Game news

Sony has acquired Insomniac Games

Sony is also gearing up for the next round of console wars.

Game news

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are cracking down on loot boxes

No more blind purchases and gambling...

Game news

Naughty Dog is shutting down PS3 multiplayer for their games

Naughty Dog is giving players a proper heads-up before the shutdown.

Game news

Shenmue 3 is delayed once again

Over the course of 4 years, Shenmue 3 managed to raise over 7 million dollars for the game.

Game news

New Death Stranding trailer sets the release date for the game

You'd think that 8-minute long trailer would make things clearer...

Game news

Microsoft and Sony announced their collaboration

Both companies decided to collaborate on 'cloud-based solutions for gaming experiences and AI solutions'.

Game news

First details about the new PlayStation console

The new PlayStation looks to be even more powerful than predicted previously.

Game news

Free PlayStation goodies to celebrate God of War's 1st birthday

Even if you haven't played God of War you can download a free dynamic theme for your PlayStation console.