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Minecraft is finally getting cross-play on PS4

In order to join cross-play on PlayStation 4, you'll need to have an Xbox login.

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Best Christmas gift ideas for gamers

The Holiday preparations just got a lot easier...

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MineCon Live 2019 news: updates, trailers, and dates

MineCon Live 2019 gave fans of Minecraft a lot of reasons to get excited about the future.

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Minecraft reached an impressive milestone

The king is back in its throne.

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Minecraft Earth kicks off beta registration for Android

Microsoft hopes to announce the full release sometime in 2020.

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Minecraft's Super Duper Graphics Pack was canceled

The Super Duper Graphics Pack was a bit more demanding than the current generation of computers and consoles can handle...

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Roblox has more active players than Minecraft

100 million active players!

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Minecraft: Story Mode's story ends on June 25th

Starting on June 25th, Minecraft: Story Mode which includes two seasons of the story will be delisted from all online shops.


Minecraft potions guide – celebrate with a bang!

All you need to do now is, of course, craft the required equipment, collect the necessary elements, and get to boiling.

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Minecraft sold 176 million copies worldwide

All hail the new king of video games.

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Microsoft is teasing Minecraft AR game

It seems like Minecraft will get a new AR version.

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Marcus Persson won't be a part of Minecraft 10-year anniversary event

Marcus 'Notch' Persson sold his studio Mojang, alongside its hit game Minecraft, to Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars in 2014.

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Top 3 best survival crafting games

Prepare to immerse in the three most-engaging, explorative, and creative games in the world!

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Top 5 builder survival games that are not Minecraft

If you’re looking for something similar to the ever-popular block builder, look no further than these 5 standout titles!

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5 awesome co-op games to play with your better half

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