Game news

Electronic Arts lays off approximately 350 employees

Staff reductions will mostly impact people working in marketing and publishing divisions.

Game news

EA is going to skip E3 2019 press conference

Some of the publisher games might be shown in other conferences.

Game news

Battlefield 5 leak reveals battle royale mode

The creators of the game seemingly confirmed the leak’s authenticity.

Game news

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order should be revealed in April

EA has confirmed that the game is coming together spectacularly well and more details about it will be revealed very soon.

Game news

BioWare has released Anthem's roadmap for 90 days

Anthem might be setting its path for redemption after a buggy launch.

Game news

Apex Legends boasts on 25 million players and revitalizes Titanfall

Apex Legends became an instant hit, topping Twitch directory viewership counts and gathering players at staggering rates.


FIFA 19 nerfs Timed Finishing

The new FIFA 19 update is likely to bring some balance into the game.

Game news

EA has cancelled their open-world Star Wars game

EA Vancouver studio should shift their focus to another yet unannounced Star Wars project.