Game news

Steam Awards 2020 featured some weird winners

Steam announced some unexpected winners this year!


The Game Awards 2020 nominations announced

The Last of Us Part II is leading the pack with 11 nominations.

Game news

Doom Eternal will get a story DLC called The Ancient Gods

Doom Eternal will expand its story.


Here are Doom Eternal PC system requirements

Is your PC ready to rein in this beast?

Game news

No microtransactions on DOOM Eternal! Pre-order today!

Id Software knows the most intuitive and honest way straight to their fan hearts - no micro-transactions is right up the alley! Read more...

Editorial picks

New and upcoming video games: 2020 releases list!

2020 has a lot in store for gamers!

Game news

Doom Eternal has been delayed

It will arrive on March 20th.

Game news

5 biggest news from Bethesda E3 conference

The 5th annual Bethesda E3 conference was full of already announced games and some brand new titles.

Gaming news

Bethesda is Heading to E3 2019, Official Showcase Date Announced!

Bethesda joins this year's E3: why you should be hyped.