Apex Legends beat Twitch record

Apex Legends has already beaten the single-day Twitch record set by the famous Fortnite.

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Apex Legends boasts on 25 million players and revitalizes Titanfall

Apex Legends became an instant hit, topping Twitch directory viewership counts and gathering players at staggering rates.

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A new battle-royale game Apex Legends revealed

Respawn Entertainment's creation Apex Legends is off to a dream start.


ESL Katowice will host multiple Fortnite tournaments

Epic Games are giving away 650 000 dollars over the duration of the event.

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Fortnite was the most played game for Nintendo Switch in 2018

In half a year, Fortnite outperformed many Nintendo Switch hit games.

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Epic Games brings back holiday event to Fortnite

The studio has announced that it will be bringing back 14 Days of Fortnite event for a limited time, so players could complete the given challenges.

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Dying Light: Bad Blood - battle royale with PvE and parkour

Dying Light: Bad Blood is scheduled to be fully released in 2019.


PUBG announce their esports plans for 2019

While PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds stormed into the esports scene, there was a noticeable lack of an official championship organized by game developers.


Battle Royale craze will die soon

Even today we can see that most of new Battle Royale games are struggling to find their audience.