Prepare for Apex Legends season 13 with cheaper Apex Coins

What awaits in Apex Legends season 13?

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Apex Legends is coming to mobile

Apex Legends Mobile will roll out gradually, with a few thousand players getting access to the game early.

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Apex Legends has officially hit 100 million players

Apex Legends has been growing rapidly with each consecutive season without any signs of slowing down.

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Apex Legends will launch on Nintendo Switch on March 9th

Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch will kick off with the same Season 8 version and will offer players a chance to earn double XP.

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Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem starts on February 2nd

Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem release coincides with the game's second anniversary.

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Apex Legends comes to Steam next month

You will be able to play Apex Legends on the most popular PC gaming platform.

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Here are all the games announced in EA Play conference

All the trailers form EA Play 2020.

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Apex Legends Season 5 will add PvE content

There's also a new Legend!

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Drew McCoy is leaving Respawn Entertainment

What kind of future awaits for Respawn Entertainment?

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Apex Legends' original map returns for a limited time

Let's bring it back to Kings Canyon times

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Apex Legends is bringing back Duos for Valentine's Day

Apex Legends Duos is back! Have you tried it yet?


Apex Legends announced its official Apex Legends Global Series

Apex Legends Global Series will kick off on January 25th.

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Apex Legends is changing the player progression system

The new system should go live on December 3rd.

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Apex Legends latest update brings Duos and Firing Range

New game modes, bug fixes and balance changes are now live!

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Apex Legends will host a special Halloween event

The new event will kick of on October 15th.