First of all, congratulations to all the fans of StarCraft II. 10 years is a long time for any game but 10 years of domination in its genre is an entirely different thing. A decade of being a top RTS game played by masses casually and competitively is a great achievement and we couldn’t be happier for Blizzard.

In a special post Blizzard wrote:

“Ten years isn’t terribly long in Supercarrier-crossing-the-galaxy time. But here on Earth, it’s pretty significant—10 years of playing, developing, and straight-up loving StarCraft II. The decade has spanned 3 full titles, more than a hundred major tournaments, and countless custom maps and mods. Those are some milestones worthy of celebration.”

To mark this occasion, Blizzard has decided to bring something new to the game – the most recent 5.0 patch adds multiplayer co-op, custom campaigns created by the fans, and a whole new map editor. In addition, there will be plenty of balance changes and quality of life improvements. The list of new additions and changes is long, so if you’re interested be sure to check out StarCraft II patch notes on the official page.

One thing worth its own paragraph is the new 10-year anniversary achievements. According to the company, custom campaigns will have their own achievements for all 83 new missions meaning that even if you don’t like playing StarCraft II online you’ll find plenty of things to do instead. Those who will complete every campaign and manage to snag every achievement will earn a special Stone announcer. Moreso, achievements can be earned on various difficulty levels.

“These achievements can be earned on any difficulty above Normal. However, they are designed to be scalable and are possible, though extremely challenging, on even Brutal.”

If solo play is not your cup of tea, and you just wish to hop on another PvP match, be sure to log in to the game until August 10. Every player who enters StarCraft II will get a free White-Ra announcer.

If you’ve never found the time to try StarCraft II, be sure to fix this. We have a great deal for the game and we hope you’ll get to experience the next decade of StarCraft II with the rest of the community.