Star Citizen is an upcoming MMO space trading and combat game which started its journey back in 2011. The game was mostly financed through Kickstarter, however, almost 8 years in development still didn’t produce the end result as the game is not yet fully released. However, we’re getting there as developers are adding more and more features to the game’s alpha client. The latest 3.6 update adds a lot of awesome stuff for players to test.

The highlight of the new update is the new law systems which, according to the developers, will tie-in all the things released previously. The game will now track your crimes and act accordingly, giving outlaws a hard time form the AI-controlled law enforcement and players who will be able to claim bounties. 

Star Citizen 3.6 update also brings new regional jurisdictions that will feature its own unique security forces, as well as their own lists of controlled substances. This ties in with a new and enhanced black market economy.

In addition, space stations, spaceships, weapons, and more previously released features are also getting some long-awaited visual and technical updates. You can read the full 3.6 patch notes at the developer’s page.

According to the Star Citizen’s roadmap, the development team is dedicated to releasing the game sometime in 2020. You can follow their progress here.