If you’re into fighting games, you might already know what EVO Championship Series stands for. It’s a long-running esports event dedicated to fighting game fans which began its history in 1996 and is still being hosted to this day. To some, EVO became the ultimate prestige event to prove their skills in a variety of fighting games. However, things might change in the future as Sony announced EVO Championship Series acquisition together with RTS.

Here’s an official announcement from EVO on Twitter:

Sony says that this is a purely strategic move to ensure that PlayStation will hold its stake in the fighting games genre for many years into the future. However, if you were wondering whether or not Sony will direct EVO board to hold all its future events using PlayStation consoles, don’t sweat. EVO executive stated that future EVO competitions won’t be exclusive to Sony platforms and will include tournaments for multiple platforms.

From an outsider’s perspective, this acquisition seems weird and doesn’t do much for Sony. However, maybe we’re just thinking malice and the only reason Sony teamed up with RTS to acquire EVO is seeing the potential future of fighting game esports. Maybe, Sony has some new fighting game hidden up its sleeve and wants to secure its future by acquiring the biggest fighting game event in the world…

In any case, true reasons for this deal will remain unknown for quite some time. EVO 2021 is already being organized (the event will be hosted online and begin on August 6th), so we might learn something more about this deal then.