The pirate’s life simulator a.k.a the most successful new Xbox IP Sea of Thieves has changed tremendously – for the better – since its initial release and it continues to improve even further with the latest Vaults of the Ancients update. New Sea of Thieves content was added to the game on September 9th and as expected, it includes a variety of new activities, voyages to secret treasure vaults, and most importantly – dogs are now part of the crew!

Dog’s value

There are three different types of dogs landing their paws on the deck; Alsatians, Whippets, and Inus. Of course, if you want to own one, you’ll need to spend ancient coins – an in-game currency that is obtained with real-world money. As for dogs themselves, each one costs 499 ancient coins, but there’s also an option to buy all three types by purchasing the Dog Pack Bundle that costs 1249 ancient coins.

As this is Sea of Thieves, naturally every dog can be dressed with pirate-themed outfits or accessories like an eye-patch. As for the price, each cosmetic piece goes for 249 ancient coins. However, even if you’re not in the mood to spend your in-game cash on virtual pirate pets, you’ll still be able to interact with every cuddly companion in the game for free. It’s possible to pick them up, pet them, feed them, and even fire them out of cannons – pirate-style – without ever spending yerr loot!

Hidden treasures

Those with sole interest in voyages will also receive their fair share of fun and get to embark on the new Treasure Vault challenges. These will take players to booby-trapped underground vaults! And much like it’s supposed to be, the new locations are not displayed on the map and need to be discovered through the use of an enchanted compass provided by the Hoarder.

If you’re a dog lover, the time for you to join the epic treasure hunts in the sea has finally come! Visit our website and browse through the Sea of Thieves deals on offer. The title doesn’t stop producing new and interesting ways to enhance the pirate’s experience, and there’s no better time to join than now. Companionship from the very beginning is guaranteed!