A recent couple of weeks was huge for gaming. Rocket League is no exception. According to Psyonix Studios Co-Head Corey Davis, Rocket League surpassed its previous player record on Steam and consoles reaching almost 500K concurrent players. The news was announced via Twitter:

To be fair, this new record could’ve been even bigger since just before the wake of worldwide shutdowns and self-isolation, Psyonix has discontinued its support for Mac and Linux versions of Rocket League. We really doubt that players of these versions had enough time to get a new computer or a game. If you’re in search for a new online game, be sure to check out our new Online Collection – Rocket League is one of the featured products in there.

And if by some chance you lived under a rock for… 5 years, Rocket League is an amazing multiplayer cross-platform game where you control futuristic rocket cars in a football field. If you like arcade action games with a competitive twist – be sure to check it out!