Resident Evil games were very popular in almost every console generation. The current generation alone received a few great titles along with a few remakes. The most recent remake – Resident Evil 3 – has sold more than 2 million copies in its first five days, which allowed Capcom to reach an impressive number.

According to the news, the Resident Evil franchise surpassed 100 million units sold across the globe, making the game the most successful IP in Capcom’s history. The closest competitor is the Monster Hunter series, which is also published by Capcom. It’s also worth mentioning that the Resident Evil franchise consists of over 100 games, remakes, spin-offs, etc which is waaaay more titles than any other Capcom-owned franchise.

And this definitely doesn’t stop here. Even after the recent success, Capcom is still trying to ensure that their golden franchise remains strong. Resident Evil Resistance recently received some new updates, allowing players to play as Nemesis, there were also some rumors about Resident Evil 4 remake and a new title (Resident Evil 8, perhaps?) for the upcoming console generation. Add in some more remakes for the next-gen and 200 million copies sold doesn’t seem that far off.

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