Alan Wake is the killer series which was released exclusively on Xbox console. It exploded back in 2010 on Xbox 360 and to this day is regarded as one of the best games in Remedy’s history. However, players didn’t get anything in relation to the series since 2012, but this might change sooner than expected.

Yesterday, Remedy submitted its earnings report which revealed that the company is finally taken back the right to the series from Microsoft. The report states:

“For its first half-year period of 2019, Remedy Entertainment Plc records approximately 2.5 million euros of royalties from previously released games as one-time income. The royalties are paid to Remedy during the second half-year period of 2019. In relation to this, the publishing rights of Alan Wake games are reverted to Remedy. This one-time income does not significantly affect Remedy’s full-year result, because as previously reported, the company continues to invest in developing new games, the success of which have a greater impact on the company’s full-year revenue and result.”

Throughout its years, Remedy Entertainment has worked closely with Microsoft developing games for their console, including titles such as Quantum Break, or CrossFire. Even though the company is currently working on their new game Control (which is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4), it looks like the developer is hard at work with plans for the future too. And we sure as hell hope that the future is full of Alan Wake games.