A month has passed since Metro Exodus launched on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Throughout March, the game has been running without any major issues, but the first big update titled Ranger Update dropped just now. This 6GB patch brings many new features alongside tweaks and bug fixes, providing an even more stable experience for the players.

Probably the biggest highlight of the new Metro Exodus update is the New Game Plus mode which offers a unique chance to play through the game for a second time with all the previously unlocked weapons and attachments! Also, the New Game Plus mode brings a ton of new achievements and things to collect.

One, in particular, is worthy of a separate mention – by playing through the New Game Plus, players will be able to collect special tapes hidden all over the world. These tapes hold recordings of the developer thoughts which reveal some background info on how each level in the game was created. However, in order to access these recordings, players will have to complete the main campaign at least once.

The Ranger Update also brings some technical improvements dedicated to each platform separately. Xbox One version gets mouse and keyboard support, while PlayStation 4 players will be able to use DualShock Controller Light. PC players might notice improved graphics and overall performance of the game on their hardware.

Head over to the Metro Exodus official game site for the full update complemented with the developer’s commentary.