Throughout the years Rainbow Six Siege has become one of the best tactical shooter games out there, gathering huge fan base across the globe. Ubisoft deserves some credit for rolling out consistent updates and releasing new content each year. Last month Ubisoft revealed that the company will continue the game support in 2019. This means that Rainbow Six Siege is quickly approaching its goal of having the biggest roster of operators available for players selection.

While players are currently waiting for official details, Rainbow Six Siege subreddit already received a leaked image. A new image shows a pair of Australian Special Air Service Regiment operators standing next to a motorbike. While this image doesn’t indicate to which side each operator will join or what their abilities may be, the image includes a toolbox so one of them could be some sort of engineer.

However, as with all leaks, we should take it with a grain of salt. Ubisoft is yet to uncover the full details about the nations that are going to be included in Year 4. The company typically does this via roadmap blog post, but Australia is more than welcomed by the game fans.

Year 4 Season Pass will provide players with eight new operators, eight fresh pieces of headgear and uniforms, a Lava Six Charm, and 600 R6 Credits.