Last weekend fans of Rainbow Six Siege received a lot of news.  During the annual The Six Invitational event, Ubisoft Montreal shared some details regarding the future of the game. We received news about Season 5, new maps, operators and even studio plans for the upcoming console generation. Here’s everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 and beyond…

New operators

After weeks of teasing, the developers of the game finally unveiled two new Rainbow Six Siege operators – Iana, an Attacker, and Oryx, a Defender.

The main Iana’s ability is a hologram that can be projected on the battlefield similar to Alibi’s. However, the key difference is that Iana’s hologram moves and in order to produce it, Iana has to stay still. It seems like a perfect baiting tool, don’t you think?

Oryx is a powerful defender that should counter attackers trying to breach. Oryx will have an ability that allows him to go through walls with a quick dash. However, Oryx will take damage while doing so and will create a lot of noise in the process.

Both new operators are already available on game’s testing servers but for those who don’t have time to test new additions themselves, here’s a short video introducing the pair:

Map remakes

In addition to the new operators, Rainbow Six Siege will get some new maps and overhauls of the existing battlefields. One of the most anticipated and highly rumored map changes will be a complete rework of Tachanka. During the weekend, Ubisoft confirmed that Tachanka currently doesn’t fit the core gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege, therefore the rework is imminent. However, it will take some time but the new version of Tachanka will debut sometime later in Year 5.

With the first season of Year 5, Ubisoft Montreal developers are hoping to introduce another revamp of the old map. Oregon is one of the game’s most played maps since the launch of Rainbow Six Siege. However, the team decided to refresh it with some new areas. The news states that Oregon should feature an expanded basement area. In addition, there’s a new hallway that allows players to bypass the meeting room and should provide some new options while rotating around.

New cosmetics

As always, a new season brings a ton of new cosmetics to collect including new skins. One in particular that caught our eye was the new Ash skin called Tomb Raider Elite. It features a full Tomb Raider uniform, unique victory animation, and iconic Lara Croft’s pistols as weapons skins. Check it out:

A plan for the future

While there are a lot more small updates, UI tweaks and so on, we decided not to linger on these. Lastly, we’d like to talk a bit about the future of Rainbow Six Siege and what the team plans for the next generation. Even though the game is already 5 years old, Ubisoft Montreal promised that the end of current generation hardware won’t be the end of this tactical FPS phenomenon.

During an interview, Ubisoft Montreal representative shed some light and said that the team is currently working on Rainbow Six Siege for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. While it’s a cool bit of news on its own, the developers said that their plans include making Rainbow Six Siege a game that spawns through generations and allows fans of the game to play together no matter what generation console they’re playing on.

Sounds too good to be true? You’re not alone. We still lack a lot of details about all of this but we were promised more information in the future. Presumably sometime after the official reveal of PlayStation 5. Stay tuned to learn more!