One of the most popular battle-royale games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is trying to keep things fresh for its fans. According to a recent announcement by PUBG Corp., the game will soon get a new Arcade feature and with it a classical Team Deathmatch mode.

PUBG Arcade will be a new part of the hit game in which the developers will be showing off some new custom game modes created by the team behind the game. It will become a home of various different ways to play PUBG. In order to build some hype before the official Arcade release, PUBG Corp. decided to reveal the first game mode which will debut with Arcade. Team Deathmatch is inspired by a huge variety of other FPS games. We hope that we don’t need to tell you what Team Deathmatch mode means, right?

However, PUBG Arcade’s Team Deathmatch will have a few twists. Unlike the traditional battle royale mode, Team Deathmatch will only be available for play in the first-person perspective. It will pit two 8-player teams against each other, disable friendly fire and will allow players to regenerate health if they’re not taking fire. According to PUBG Corp., to kick things off, the team made 7 custom battlefields which are isolated parts of existing PUBG maps.

So now we know… A few months back in an interview PUBG’s creator Brandon Greene said that he’s done with battle royales. While everyone in the gaming industry was expecting a new game from the team behind PUBG, they decided to expand their existing game and find some new ways to attract players. We can only hope that PUBG Arcade will be popular enough to see some more of Brandon’s ideas.