The fourth season of Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds is live! We’ve already written our bit about the new addition to the game regarding lore, however, there’s much more to explore an earn for players who purchase PUBG Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath.

As with every new PUBG Survivor Pass, the new one is filled with fresh cosmetic items. According to the developers, it features around 75 cosmetic items which can be earned by players who level up. The leveling experience is gained through matchmaking and mission completion.

In addition to the old missions such as killing someone using a specific weapon, PUBG Survivor Pass 4 brings some freshness. The novelty of Season 4 is the new system called Co-op Mission. All players who play PUBG will progress through it collectively and will earn rewards based on their input.

As for cosmetics, there are plenty of new ones to choose from. PUBG Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath will include new weapon skins and clothing. Additionally, for the first time in the game, players will be able to change the looks of their vehicle. “Red-Zoned” UAZ skin is the first of its kind.

For players who are not interested in Aftermath’s rewards, the main attraction point is the new version of PUBG’s first map Erangel. The developers updated the looks of the map as well as the layout of its popular locations such as Mylta Power, Prison, Mansion, and Military Base.

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