Sony decided to celebrate its six years of PlayStation 4 with a special event for the community. The event gives players a chance to register and participate in a collective trophy hunting challenge in order to unlock some new PS4 themes and… *checks notes*… a real-life platinum trophy.

In order to participate in the event, you need to sign up on the official PlayStation site and keep on playing games. Simple, right? However, you need to make it happen until February 24th when the first goal unlocks and the official event begins.

There will be two ways to add your points to the community pool – play games or earn trophies. According to the information on the web, here’s what you need to do:

Every individual game you play for at least one hour (across as many sessions as you like) counts towards the goal.

Every Trophy you earn in any game you play is counted – and multiplayer game Trophies count as double (up to a limit of six Trophies per day)!

If you manage to achieve at least one of two you’ll be eligible for some cool P4 themed digital goodies that will unlock upon reaching collective milestones.

Goal One

  • 125K games played
  • 500K Trophies earned
  • Reward: An exclusive static PS4 theme

Goal Two

  • 375K games played
  • 1.5M Trophies earned
  • Reward: Five exclusive PS4 avatars

Goal Three

  • 675K games played
  • 2.7M Trophies earned
  • Reward: An exclusive dynamic PS4 theme

We know that some of you would love to get your hands on that one special prize, a real-life platinum trophy. In order to get that you’ll need to be hasty and wise. On March 17th, the PlayStation site will post a “skill-based” question. If you’ll be the first to answer you’ll win your ridiculous trophy, PlayStation Store gift cards, and a few great PS4 games.

Up for a challenge?