In a surprising bit of news, we learned that PlayStation 4 no longer supports Facebook integration. On October 7th, Sony fully removed Facebook integration from PlayStation 4 without any heads-up for the players. The company apologized for the inconvenience but gave no clear reasoning for why it did what it did.

So what it all means for PlayStation 4 users? Well, first and most important, players won’t be able to share their gameplay, screenshots, trophies and anything else in-between to Facebook directly from the console. While the Share button will keep its functionality, Facebook won’t be among the options where you could share your gaming content. Second, all PSN accounts are now unliked from Facebook. We hope you managed to memorize all of your friends’ nicknames on PSN…

Of course, this change won’t affect players who didn’t really care for social integration on their PlayStation 4 console, but it’s a bit weird, to say the least. Facebook is the biggest social network in the world and cutting the feature seems a bit ‘out of the blue’. Kotaku reached out to Facebook and managed to get a statement from the company’s spokesperson who provided them with a statement:

“We’re working with Sony to finalize an updated contract designed to improve the Facebook integration on PlayStation. While these discussions are in progress, Facebook features will not be available on PlayStation 4. We hope to bring these features back as soon as our teams reach an agreement.”

This might mean that this change might be a temporary one until both companies reach a new deal, so we hope that in the future, at least with the release of PlayStation 5, we will be able to spam our PSN trophies to Facebook once again. We’ll keep an eye out for new updates from Sony and Facebook regarding this topic.