Avid PUBG players might remember that last year developers of the game announced a new program called PUBG Labs where a portion of the development team was dedicated to experiment with some weird new potential additions to the popular battle royale game. Their latest venture is a cool new Arena Mode which reminds us of the most popular tactical shooter games.

Essentially, Arena Mode is a new way to play the game with your buddies. In this new mode, squads of players are fighting in localized elimination matches until three squads are left standing. Later these remaining squads are pitted against one another in a small arena where only one team remains. 

According to the official press release, Arena Mode supports up to 64 players and pits squads against one another in a tournament-like battle. This mode will be available across all of PUBG’s maps (Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok) and will pit teams in sealed sections of these maps to fight for their survival. Each match gives the squad a chance to claim the victory three times before elimination until the last 3 teams remain. Once the final 3 is confirmed, teams will be placed in a tight Sudden Death arena.

While this might not sound super original at first, we have to mention that Arena Mode is more similar to a tactical shooter game than a battle royale. All of the arena’s in the map won’t feature a usual looting sequence. Instead, players will get a traditional loadout menu where players will have to gear up before each round. In order to earn money for your next purchase, teams will have to get kills, so passive play won’t be an option.

This sounds very promising and might create an entirely new way to play the game, so if you’re interested be sure to enable the PUBG Labs server. Arena Mode should land sometime today on PC (it will come to consoles a few weeks later) and will be available for testing during weekends. If the new addition proves to be popular with the players, we might see it coming to the live game as well. We have our fingers crossed