Paradox Interactive is a well-known publisher behind such great strategy games as Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, Stellaris and many others. Most of Paradox Interactive published games have a huge fan base on PC, who create a lot of mods for their favorite games. Now, the publisher decided to bring these mods to Xbox One as well.

Paradox Interactive has created a new platform called Paradox Mods which will make its way to Xbox One later this year. It will begin as a free update for Mars colony-builder game Surviving Mars and will allow Xbox One players to try out more than 30 already created mods under a new title menu option ‘Mod Manager’. The Paradox Mods update for Surviving Mars also adds the keyboard and mouse support to the game on Xbox One. The console has received that as a control option with a November operating system update.

Paradox Interactive has confirmed that modding will also come to most other publisher’s titles on Xbox One as well.

‘With Paradox Mods, there is actually no pre-approval process for Paradox Mods to get published on Xbox One. Once a Mod is uploaded to Paradox Mods, it is published to Xbox One and the supported PC platforms — making it the first direct pipeline mod creators have to get published on consoles. As long as a mod follows Paradox’s Mod Guidelines, it will not be taken down and the community can flag mods that violate the policy for review.’ – said Paradox Interactive representative.