While many of the veteran Overwatch players abandoned the game and are waiting for some news about Overwatch 2, there still are some things to do in it. Yesterday, Blizzard has turned on a new in-game event called Sigma’s Maestro Challenge which will give players a chance to grab a truly unique Sigma skin.

The event will run until July 27th and will invite players to play some games. As with other Overwatch events, players will have to win 9 games in any multiplayer mode in order to be eligible for the reward. In addition to this new skin, there are some new music-themed sprays, emotes, and more.

It’s also worth mentioning that this time Sigma’s Maestro Challenge will reward Twitch viewers as well as players of the game, so even if you don’t feel like playing 9 games of Overwatch you can still hop on to the Overwatch’s Twitch section and earn some drops.

You might ask why should you bother earning cosmetics for a game that is slowly decaying over time? Well, we believe that Overwatch 2 should be right around the corner. Blizzard is not that blind. Just recently, the developers of the game banned a lot of cheaters in order to clean up the game’s community. Add some new events featuring fresh cosmetics, and Overwatch 2’s promise to transfer all that you earned previously into the new game… Overwatch 2 was announced during BlizzCon 2019 and now a full year has passed. We expect to hear some news about it real soon…