Just yesterday, Blizzard has finally released the latest game hero Sigma. After weeks of testing in Overwatch PTR, Blizzard decided that Sigma is ready for its big debut. If by some chance you’ve missed our coverage about the new hero, you can find some information here. In addition to the new hero, the developers also included Role Queue for Quick Play And Competitive and basically threw the old meta out the window right from the get-go. 

If you’re not new to the Overwatch, you probably have already adjusted to new heroes being introduced with a week of Quick Play. With the usual order of things, quite some time has to pass before the new heroes can be unlocked for the Competitive matchmaking. However, this is not the case with Sigma. You can pick the new hero in Competitive mode as of right now. While many players thought this was a bug, Blizzard confirmed that this was their intent all along:

In addition to a new hero, the same patch also brought in Role Queue, which effectively destroys GOATS meta. To put it short, now every Overwatch player alike doesn’t know even the slightest about the new meta; what team compositions are good and what works well in a new 2-2-2 with Sigma on the board.

Like these two things weren’t enough, Blizzard also tweaked some numbers and balancing. In addition to some regular heroes buffs and nerfs, one noteworthy change targets ultimate charge which raised the cost of the ability by 12 percent. 

So, to sum up – Overwatch is as chaotic as it gets right now and we love it! It’s probably the best time to pick up the game if you’ve never played it or left it because it began to feel stale and boring. At least, for now, it’s anything but boring… Check out our awesome price for the title!