Quests in Old School Runescape are designed to not only help you experience the game more immersively but also to stack up your XP. While some quests lean more to the fun/storytelling type, today we’ll examine the quests that will contribute to obtaining the highest amount of XP.

Just to be clear, we will focus on quests that don’t have that many requirements but reward you abundantly. Therefore these are great choices for players who are just starting out and want to boost their overall XP as fast as possible.

F2P OSRS quests

Non-member players do have a choice of quests, some of them are more generous and others, well, let’s say are lacking. Besides the probably first recommended quest Cook’s Assistant, which gives 300 Cooking XP, we have selected 5 other easy quests which allow you to get the most out of it.

Doric’s Quest

Although this quest has no requirements, it is recommended to have at least level 15 in Mining as it will aid you in completing the quest faster. For this quest, you will have to head to the north of Falador and speak to Doric, a dwarf who lives in a small house. He will require you to fetch some materials from the Dwarven Mine. For all of this trouble, you will acquire 1300 Mining XP, 1 Quest point, 180 coins and the ability to use Doric’s anvils, whenever you need.

Imp Catcher

If you want  Magic XP fast, this is the quest for you. You will have to help Wizard Mizgog (he lives in the Wizarding tower) and get 4 different-colored beads from the imps which have stolen them in the first place. Upon completing the quest you will be granted with 1 Quest point, 875 Magic XP, and the amulet of accuracy.

old school runescape imp catcher quest

Knight’s Sword

A bit longer and more difficult, this quests recommends you to scale your Mining level to 10 (which is fairly easy), same goes to Combat level, (which can be a bit more troublesome) but you must do it in order to escape Ice giants and warriors. Nonetheless, if you help Sir Yvin in making a new Blurite sword, you will not only get 12725 Smithing XP (you can go from level 0 to level 29 with this quest), but also 1 Quest point, ability to smelt Blurite ore (if you are a member), and make yourself a Blurite sword.

Misthalin Mystery

Go around the murder house and solve the mystery that Abigail and Hewey asked you to. After exploring the rooms and finding the answers, you will be awarded 600 Crafting XP, an uncut ruby, an emerald, a sapphire, and of course, 1 Quest Point.

Restless Ghost

This fairly quick quest will have you searching for the head of the restless ghost. You will have to kill a level 13 skeleton, so please, don’t go into this if you’re just level 1. Upon completion, you will get 1125 Prayer XP (which is quite a lot, knowing how hard Prayer XP stacks up), Ghostspeak amulet, and 1 Quest Point.

Member OSRS quests

If you are a member, of course, you have a plethora of quests to choose from. Nonetheless, let’s check out the ones that give you the most without having too much of preparation.

Plague City

One of the shorter quests that will send you to the western part of Ardougne. For this quest, you will have to gather some items and find Elena who is trapped. After you save her, you will get 2425 Mining XP, the Ardougne teleport spell and 1 Quest point.


If you’ve finished the Plague City (which is a requirement for this quest), this will be a breeze. The girl that you have previously rescued, Elena, is now testing her plague samples and finds something interesting (we will not spoil her findings). Complete the quest and earn 1250 Thieving XP, ability to travel freely through the West Ardougne gate, and 3 Quest points.

Death Plateau

For this quest you will have to head to Burthorpe and talk to Denulth about the good news – you have found a different path to the Death Plateau. However, you will have to test this path yourself before anyone else. If you are successful (and we really hope you are), you will get 3000 Attack XP, steel claws (and the ability to make them), and 1 Quest Point.

Dwarf Cannon

If you need more Crafting fast, head up to Captain Lawgof. After you finish talking with him you will have to find Lollk, the son of deceased Gilob, who was killed when his watchtower was overrun. The quest finishes with you fixing the Captain’s multicannon. For all of this trouble, you will get 750 Crafting XP, the ability to buy and use the Dwarf multicannon, and 1 Quest point.

Old school runescape Dwarf Cannon Quest awards

Fishing Contest

If you already have level 10 Fishing, you can compete in the competition! Head up to the White Wolf mountain and start the quest there. If you win the annual Hemenster fishing competition, you will not only be able to access the dwarf tunnel shortcut, but also get 2437 Fishing XP, and 1 Quest point.

Gertrude’s Cat

Go on to the west of Varrock, to Gertrude’s house as she mourns for her lost cat Fluffs. She needs your help to find it! If you are successful, you will not only get your own kitten (this is the only quest that will grant you a kitten), but also 1525 Cooking XP, together with a chocolate cake, stew, and 1 Quest Point.

Murder Mystery

Another mystery for you to solve lies in the Sinclair mansion. The uniqueness of this quest comes with the fact that the outcome is random, so you will have to work your way around the clues. If you manage to solve the mystery, you will get 1406 Crafting XP, 2000 coins, and 3 Quest Points.

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing the Goblin generals

The last quest we are going to tackle comes with a simple requirement: you need to complete the quite short and easy Goblin Diplomacy quest. Some of those diplomacy skills will be necessary here as well: goblin Generals can’t decide on what kind of food to eat. You’ll need to find a chef and learn to make the food yourself. For this, you will get 1000 Cooking XP, 1000 Farming XP, 1000 Crafting XP, more access to the Culinaromancer’s Chest, and 1 Quest Point.

Less grinding, more questing!